Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving Along

Things have moved into place as of lately. Spring is finally here after a crazy long winter of cold and fun. Ive recently taken up the position as co-chef at Klondike Kate's restaurant in Dawson City, Yukon. Menus have been developed and somewhat refined, and lots of ideas are being processed. I'm really excited with what the future will hold. If your in town, come by and say hi!

The ground is still frozen, and things are just starting to see life here now. Birch sap is flowing, and we eagerly await the first wild pickings. Spruce tips are just around the corner as well as fireweed shoots, dandelion wine and the ice breaking on the river. Yes, the river is still frozen, No, its probably not a good time to go visit your pal on the other side...hehe  I bought a large black/Tamworth cross pig for the fall, for my meat locker and am looking at getting some of the "Farmers 3" Angus beef in my hands for the season. Were still a month from seeing morels and almost 2 months from our Porcini crop. Chomping at the bit....ya for sure.

Just one little pit rocking the pork now, but have one on order and a much large pit in B.C. coming up soon!