Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer stuff

Summer has arrived in the Yukon! Well actually, it feels more like south east Asia than Dawson lately! We've had rain almost everyday in June. Which means only one thing to me..... Shammy's!! aka Mushrooms!   Nettles are flowering now, mushrooms are just starting to pop, in large numbers. Looking forward to this Wednesday to get out and get some goods! I have got a big shipment of grass fed Yukon beef coming in tomorrow from Circle D Ranch in Whitehorse. Can't wait to work some of this stuff onto the menu. Short ribs and blade roasts, two of my favorite cow parts! hehe

Happy grass grazers, in Whitehorse

Smoked chicken for our St.John Babtist day poutine

Fresh nettles!! My favorite!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Fun!

Things have been moving along pretty good up here lately. The weather is tempting to be summer like. Leafs have sprouted on the trees and we have harvested all the spruce tips we could get out hands on. The Weber, bullet brothers have been quite busy so far in June, with 120lbs a week going in and out, along with pastrami, bacon, turkeys, Cornish hens, lamb shoulders (rubbed with spruce tip harrisa), and all sorts of vegetables. Were hooked on the pit roasted flavour the bbq produces, and have no desire to slow down. The birch syrup has arrived, a good season, late and long. I try not to drink the stuff right out the bottle! Looking forward to the upcoming porcini/morel season, and the local produce starting to hit the market.

Eastland Johnny-Cakes


The Weber brothers

16 hours beef brisket = epic bbq flavour!

Little chickens, the lastest craze, little chickens, you'll be so amazed! lol my little chicken song!
Spruce tips!