Monday, March 16, 2009

The pre morel hunt....

Morel Mushrooms:

Now is the time of year when I dig up all last years photos and maps of hits and misses searching for further clues to this elusive mushroom. Ive only in the past picked "fire burn" morels. Its a natural thing that happens a year after a good hot forest fire. You return to the burn and search shady areas and drainage's and there they are by the hundreds. Its truly amazing! Now on the other hand here I am in Ottawa, rideau valley.. Last year I found three morels!!! Three! After searching for a month in a half straight! This year I plan to change those numbers by a few at least.

Ive learned a lot these last couple weeks about morels, trees, and flora that all occurs at the same time. I plan to use this knowledge this year to collect more morels. I'm not worried about the rest of the mushroom season as I did quite well last year and have many spots to go to. The morels start in the far south west, then progressively they hit the entire west coast to southern Oregon; at this time, Oklahoma gets hit and they start going north of Oregon and east of Oklahoma. The east coast gets hit then they start heading up the east and central states to Michigan, new york etc... Finally they get here in Ottawa/Quebec and the rest of Canada, ending in northern prairies, N.W.T., and the Yukon.

More morel info availible here...