Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bum Life

Makin tha bacon!!

Heading to town for some supplies, no big deal! lol

Not inspired to go very far when its like this!
Its February!! Wow, its been a great winter so far. My xmas ham was the most epic piece of meat Ive created to this day. A real show stopper. Doing some work on my kitchen in tha ole cabin, tweaking some things and having fun. January was a cold month. There was not many days above -40C. Today its -20C and very sunny, feels like I could wear a t-shirt out there! Time to hit the frozen food cache hard this month. Pork rouladen tonight, chum salmon tomorrow and smoking some Cornish game hens for the weekend. Life is good! Happy new year everyone!! :) Also,  a link to my new article in Whats up Yukon, 
The ole smoked tasso ham chops!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Loading The Bullet

Smoking all afternoon today. Its warmed up to -25C so, thought I would take advantage of the warm weather and fire up the water smoker. Thought about the side ribs and decided to do kind of a play on hot dogs! Took all the flavours of your classic frank, (pepper, sage, nutmeg, salt, sugar) made a rub, sprinkled  a little ground chili, for good measure and left them over night. I made a ketchup and celery seed BBQ sauce to brush them with when there done. Smoking everything with old growth willow. Looking forward to trying these. I'm also smoking pork belly and country ribs (pork shoulder ribs) The pork belly, I did straight up salt and tons of pepper. The shoulder ribs I did Texas chill powder and a bit of sugar and salt. 
Will post the results on here and my twitter feed. These side ribs are for a local rib off challenge in town tonight. Not sure how many ppl are going, but should be fun. Im not planning to take home the blue ribbon with these ribs, but who knows, everyone like a good ole frank right? haha

Side ribs, country ribs and pork belly