Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays Everyone! Xmas ham was stellar this year, as was the turkey. Decided instead of glazing the ham in the oven, to through it out on the rotisserie, basted with maple syrup for a hour and a half. Would have to say, I would DEFINITELY do this again! Also frees up the oven for other things. This year, I brined a organic turkey with black cardamon, mustard and coriander for 24 hours. Removed the legs, wings and back. Roasted the breasts on the bone low and slow for 3 hours at 200-250f. Smoked the legs and wings with applewood for 4 hours, then crisped them up on the grill over high heat and glazed with birch syrup. Made a gravy from the roasted back, neck and pan fried liver. Used the giblets and heart in the stuffing with sage, thyme, chorizo, dried fruit, pecan, sweet onion, pork belly and homemade molasses 9 grain bread. Moistened the stuffing with turkey stock and a bit of egg. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and pickle sides. Made some buns for late night sandwiches.

Been doing a little writing on the side for the local paper the past few weeks as well. You can check out the articles and feel free to comment on them here..
will also be posting some more info and tips for the rappie pie here soon. Until then, enjoy your new years and hope that 2011 will be as amazing as 2010 for you all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Smoked Venison And Bison Sausage

My sweet jelly bean is buried! I thought that since I wasn't going anywhere today. . I should find something to do with myself this morning. Had pulled some venison and bison a couple days ago.

So I made some heavily spiced sausages. I wanted something I could put on some fresh baked bread and chow down on!
I smoked them for 3 hours with a mix of birch, alder and willow. Air temp outside was -25c at the time. Cold but warmer than last night!

The finished sausages..... This was normal sized batch for at home. I do 5lbs at a time, which is perfect for the size of stuffer and mixer I have . I also made two large "meat" rings.

My lord! soooooo juicy and delish! Im having these tonight, with some fresh baked ciabatta, mustard, caramelized pears, and rhubarb habanero ketchup . I will have to wait a while though.... "product testing" has me full at the moment!