Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Is Here!

Leaves are changing, frost is biting down at night and the nights are getting darker. Ive actually started to panic, because winter will be here and I'm not ready yet! I have not put up any vegetables yet, as Ive been so busy with work. I have a healthy amount of mushrooms to eat, so should be good in that department. Just put a order in with our farmer for some winter veg to store. Planning on doing some beet pickles and going to try ole Aunt Mildred's cauliflower pickle relish. Check out this summer series short films by the great people at  The first one is me talking and cooking about shrooms, the second one is a friend of mine, talking about the community gardens in town. Very cool! :) I think we can expect more great stories and films because of the big boom happening in the north. Cranberries are looking plump and just need a bit more frost to pick up and wood is starting to be piled outside the many cabins of the north in anticipation for winter!  Heres a link to a related article by Alyssa Frieson from Whats Up Yukon related to the mushrooms up here.