Thursday, July 30, 2009

New blog at Tulips And Maple Catering + A whole lot of hog!

We have just launched a new blog, brought to you by the good people at T&M! We will update it with more details from on site events and whatever inspires us at the moment.

I just ordered a whole "Large Black" heritage hog from Barbara Schafer at Upper Canada Heritage Meats. The Large Black is recognized as a critically endangered species, not only here but worldwide. When pork production became industrialized in the 1950's, this slow-growing foraging breed was not suitable for the close confinement of factory farms. In spite of its docile temperament and exquisite taste, its numbers have dropped to about 200 registered hogs in Canada today.

Barbara has recently expanded to a new and larger farm where she has plans to do heritage beef as well as chickens! The heritage pork is out of this world in flavour and I can't wait to get some more sausage/hams/prosciutto's going in the next few days!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Rocks!

The mushroom foray held at greener green acres was well... Pretty dull for mushrooms. Good thing I came prepared with a basket of my own to share with everyone! The week after the chantys started hitting..

Lobsters, boletes and hedgehogs out our bum! I had the chance to sneak out to culinary conspiracy's mushroom dinner on sunday night. Good time, food was great. Chefs Robert Jutras and Kenny Hayden did a good job. Some cool art as well.

At the resturant we were busy doing Jason Spezza's wedding last sat. This was a Itialian wedding, so lots of great food and ya.... More food! Everything went as planned and the event was flawless!

This week is a bit slow, so ive managed to post! I figure we got two good weeks left of summer mushrooms then its all over till fall and the "hen hunt".

Thursday, July 2, 2009

And Now Its July?

Wow what happened there, a month just like that?

I prayed for rain, I got it. Now we pray for mushrooms. On Sunday I will be out with Cheryl Wyatt of Greener Green Acres to do a summer foraging tour of limrick forest. We are hoping to find porcini, chanterelles, raspberry's and maby a oyster or two! I will post pics of the hike next week.

Strawberries have been added to my "bachelors jam" as well as a good spoon of sugar and a splash of vodka. Eggnog will be started soon. June was CRAZY busy!

Good thoughts about June: Rhubarb, Oyster Mushrooms, chili plants, green house tomatoes, bass, walleye, reishi, day lily corms, beet greens, micro greens, spring onions, strawberries, asparagus, baby radish and turnip greens!