Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes, there are truffles in the Yukon!

I will not say where, but I will say this.... Squirrels love truffles and mushrooms. If there is a area with a abundant amount of squirrels around. Chances are that there is lots of mushrooms and truffles if you know where to look. I found this truffle on the side of a river at the base of a white spruce tree. It was not quite mature when I picked it, but it is really starting to stink up my fridge today! I'm sure tomorrow it will even more. I will post on flavour, aroma and texture later.
We are reaching the end of our mushroom season in the north, while our friends in b.c. and southern Canada are just beginning there's. This is the time of year I start thinking about Prince Rupert, Terrace, Haida Gwaii and the entire Skeena valley which is famous for there epic fall mushroom crop. Don't think I'll get there this fall, but it will definitely be on my mind.
Rozites caperata or "the gypsy" I get all giddy when I find these. One of my favorite wild mushrooms of all time!!

A pan full of 2 types of chanterelles. Cantharellus cibarius and tubaeformis

Some cooked lacarria, chanterelle, boletus, lactarius and hedgehogs for pizza tonight

Some of the days haul. In plain english, delicious milky, velvet top boletes, butter boletus, belly button hedgehogs, bitter hedgehogs, yellow foot chanterelles, chanterelles, gypsy's and some laccaria's.


  1. Hmmhmm - looks like mushroom heaven!

  2. hahaha, I think all the mushrooms except the truffles in the photos lasted about 4 hours in my house before being devoured! you eating shrooms lately?

  3. great haul - it has inspired me to post about my mushrooms here -glad to see the chanterelle picture, one more to pick - have lots of boletes but can't bring myself to eat them, are they tasty? peace

  4. Are you in Alaska/Yukon? Cause the boletes up here will be different from other spots in the country. Most boletes with the exception of a couple of poisonous ones and bitter ones are edible. A great book to use for reference that I refer to as "the bible" is "mushrooms demystified" by David Arora I really like boletes and think there a great fresh or dried mushroom. Definitely worth collecting. Also check out http://www.mushroomexpert.com/ for a online reference. Have fun picking, the season is way over here :( You can email me directly with pictures of boletes you find for help as well. You will not be the only one doing this! cheers.