Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slacker Bread ie No knead steez

Been enjoying some time off from the kitchen these last few weeks. Planning and conspiring for next spring work projects, and getting ready for England next week.

On a trip to Dawson City a couple weeks ago I met a master Artisan bread maker/baker who was working a batch of "no knead bread" Watching and pretending not to take to many notes I watched her work her magic on the loaf. Since returning to Whitehorse ive been making alot. Ive termed it slacker bread by actually making it several times!
Using Jim Layhey's recipe from the new york times:
Ive converted it to grams for simplicity's sake, mostly because I hate baking with teaspoons, cups, etc... I also have been tweaking it out in different ways as well. Multigrain, rye bread, ciabatta, pizza dough, etc... Here's the weights that I use.

  • 390g flour

  • 300g water

  • 7g salt

  • 5g traditional dry yeast
Combine all ingredients, cover with plastic wrap, let sit for 20hours, shape it, proof it for 2ish more hours and bake it for 30 minutes in a preheated pot with a lid @450f. Uncover for another 15mins if necessary to brown crust some more.
(note the recipe above is not the exact recipe used by the master bread baker in Dawson's back forty)
For more details follow link above. Its good bread that requires very little attention.

I just received 6kg of Manitoba creamed honey from a little town called Anola. A friend of mine from Winnipeg (wink wink) was kind enough to pick it up and mail it out to me. So it comes down to the slacker bread toasted, room temp salted butter, and a huge heap of the most amazing creamed honey. Few things in life make me as happy as this!

Other projects to come include, working my summer harvest of rhubarb, lowbush, highbush cranberries, black currents, red currents, moss berries, alpine bear berry and blueberries. A few angles im thinking of working.
  • Rhubarb ketchup
  • Low brush cranberry ketchup
  • Rhubarb, habanero and sweet onion sauce
  • Rhubarb bbq sauce
  • Various vinegars with all the berries
  • Various schnapps with all the berries
  • Highbush cranberry and alpine bear berry juice reduction
  • various fruit leathers and candy bars
  • Granola bars with semi dried berries
  • Low brush cranberry brownies
Most of this will be done when I return from England as im running out of time here!