Saturday, February 7, 2009

on and forward

As the slow times tick along we find ourselves in other country's getting motivation to continue doing what we do. We are slaves to the stove, prisoners of the fridge, foragers of the forest. As morel season kicks off soon enough,(I know its still almost 3 months away but still!) I start to plan new stomping grounds to find my little treasures of the woods. While down in mexico, I got to sample some of my favorite cuisine. Tripas de leche, super burro's de carne, camerone al a mojo de ajo etc... Tripas de leche are marinated and pan seared bovine milk glands, which are thrown in a taco with dried beef and topped with pico de gallo (onions, cilantro, lime). mmmmmm Back to work. Valentines day coming up and some renos in the kitchen to come..

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  1. MMM Tripita de Leche... Hook me up with some of that!