Friday, September 24, 2010

Done at Dalton Trail Lodge, River Cottage On the Horizon

The season is over at the fishing lodge I was working for the last 4 months. I'm heading up to Dawson for one last low brush cranberry round up and some big potluck feasts. Then I'm off to stage at River Cottage( in Dorset, England for a couple weeks. I have a week and a bit after the stage to do some exploring in London and eat at St.Johns ( etc...

Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall of River Cottage is a culinary icon in the world of seasonal, ethnically produced natural foods that has earned him a tremendous following in England and North America. Ive been following Hugh since his days on the road as "cook on the wild side" a self produced t.v. series where he converted a old land rover into a "gastrowagon" where he planned on leaving the city in search of wild foods and self sufficient living. He also has wrote numerous cook books (all of which I can personally recommend)

I’ve always loved Hugh's philosophy and way of eating, sharing and respect for the food. I’m extremely stoked to say the least to be part of the crew for a few weeks this fall. Counting the days now…..

(Memories form the DTL) From to to bottom, 1) Go fish, 2) scoping out the smoke house, 3) red currents, 4) braised lamb with gnocchi,stunted peppermint and Swiss mountain cheese, 5) Roasted pork belly with uncle berwyn's birch syrup, white sweet potato, grilled wild onions and Dowdell's sweet fennel slaw


  1. Jeffery it sounds like you have a few wonderful weeks ahead! Looking forward to reading about your adventures. :)

  2. There is 2 feet of snow outside my door right now and im driving 500kms up to dawson city today! That should be and adventure on its own. Im giving a friend of mine my old webber kettle. It will be his first. Looking forward to cookin up a storm this weekend!