Friday, December 3, 2010

Smoked Venison And Bison Sausage

My sweet jelly bean is buried! I thought that since I wasn't going anywhere today. . I should find something to do with myself this morning. Had pulled some venison and bison a couple days ago.

So I made some heavily spiced sausages. I wanted something I could put on some fresh baked bread and chow down on!
I smoked them for 3 hours with a mix of birch, alder and willow. Air temp outside was -25c at the time. Cold but warmer than last night!

The finished sausages..... This was normal sized batch for at home. I do 5lbs at a time, which is perfect for the size of stuffer and mixer I have . I also made two large "meat" rings.

My lord! soooooo juicy and delish! Im having these tonight, with some fresh baked ciabatta, mustard, caramelized pears, and rhubarb habanero ketchup . I will have to wait a while though.... "product testing" has me full at the moment!


  1. Jeffery those look fantastic!! Wish I were your neighbor. lol

  2. Thx! They are really good! Ya, we could definitely do some great meal collaborations if we were! Getting cold down there now eh! wink