Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer stuff

Summer has arrived in the Yukon! Well actually, it feels more like south east Asia than Dawson lately! We've had rain almost everyday in June. Which means only one thing to me..... Shammy's!! aka Mushrooms!   Nettles are flowering now, mushrooms are just starting to pop, in large numbers. Looking forward to this Wednesday to get out and get some goods! I have got a big shipment of grass fed Yukon beef coming in tomorrow from Circle D Ranch in Whitehorse. Can't wait to work some of this stuff onto the menu. Short ribs and blade roasts, two of my favorite cow parts! hehe

Happy grass grazers, in Whitehorse

Smoked chicken for our St.John Babtist day poutine

Fresh nettles!! My favorite!!


  1. I swear Jeffery, you have it made up there. :)

  2. Guess there's a reason why I cant seem to leave here! ;)

  3. Smoked chicken looks amazing!! I did some smoked chicken breasts in our smoker the other week and it was delicious.

  4. MKH&C
    Yes those tasty little birds were nice coming out of the smokey mountain! Poutine was on the epic side of the fence.;)

  5. Cowgirl, I would be lying if I said, life was not good up here at the 64th parallel! ;) Would also be lying if I said Texas doesn't sound amazing! :) one day....