Friday, November 4, 2011

Freeze Up

My new home! :)
         Still getting my feet wet in my new digs. Having fun with the fact that I have no power or water. Makes everything slightly more challenging, but nothing worth stressing out over. Not to mention the fact that were are in the freeze up time right now, where people are waiting on this side of the Yukon river till it freezes solid enough to walk on to get back into town! This could be between 3 to 5 weeks depending on the weather.   
               Back in the cabin, I'm still getting used to my new gas range. It really wails out the heat when you need it, so adjusting recipe bake temps may take a little while. Cooking a lot on my wood stove top as well. It seems to be hovering around -15c during the day and dips into the -20's overnight so stoking the fire twice a day to cook has not been a issue.  Juggling with my food coolers is fun and has taking a bit of a "break in" period to get in the swing of things.

          Smoked some pork that I got from Joan at Grizzly Valley farms yesterday. Dam near lit my shed on fire while doing it too!! haha, note to self............ remember to remove ugly drum from porch before firing it up, it tends to warm up under the fire box. hahaha rookie move. After averting a possible scenario, the pork came out epic! The pig was a cross between a English large black and a Tamworth. Soooo delicious words don't do justice. Will be smoking the ham in the next week or so. 
one hell of a slab o bacon! :)

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