Thursday, July 2, 2009

And Now Its July?

Wow what happened there, a month just like that?

I prayed for rain, I got it. Now we pray for mushrooms. On Sunday I will be out with Cheryl Wyatt of Greener Green Acres to do a summer foraging tour of limrick forest. We are hoping to find porcini, chanterelles, raspberry's and maby a oyster or two! I will post pics of the hike next week.

Strawberries have been added to my "bachelors jam" as well as a good spoon of sugar and a splash of vodka. Eggnog will be started soon. June was CRAZY busy!

Good thoughts about June: Rhubarb, Oyster Mushrooms, chili plants, green house tomatoes, bass, walleye, reishi, day lily corms, beet greens, micro greens, spring onions, strawberries, asparagus, baby radish and turnip greens!

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