Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its been a good two week push in the kichen and now its time for a trip out west and its time to go to Chicago. Alberta>B.C.>Illinois>ontario.
Im looking forward to meeting some new peeps, some old peeps and seeing my fam dam ly.

Baggage includes

10lb Elk
2lb Caribou

5x Guinea fowl legs stuffed with game and wild mushrooms

4x Foie gras and prune stuffed quail

1x 15lb bone in country style Tamworth ham

4x Venison flanks (think tacos here)

Smoked Arctic Char
Candied Salmon bellys
Dry cured chorizo

Various terrines

Various condiments... Mustarda, ruhbarb ketchup, persimmon chutney etc..

Dried morel mushrooms, chilli pasillas, anchos, pequins, chipotle, naga jolokias and new mexicos.


1x block of Le marmirolle

1x wheel triple creme brie

400g bleu Benedictin

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