Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Weeks Cooking in Chi-Town

Allison and Rob Levitt of Mado. (Photo: Rob Levitt)

The good folks at Restaurant Mado in Chicago's Buck-town area have taking me on as a stagier this week. There menu consists of soul Mediterranean food cooked in a number of different preparations. They produce alot of great charcuterie and pork dishes. Ciccioli, country pate, salumi and rolled tiesta to name a few.
Every other week chef rob gets in a couple of whole local raised organic hogs which he uses to create the different menu items. The kitchen is equipped with a wood burning grill, oven and rotisserie. Voted as one of bon appetite's top 10 new restaurants in America for 2009. There not off to a bad start.
Mado supports Midwestern farmers and strives to use responsibly raised local products. (from there website) A big shout out to Rob and Allison for letting me into there world this week! You guys are great!

Spicy pig head stew with polpetini, white beans and braised greens,
Spit roasted pork loin and belly with braised cabbage,
Rainbow trout with celery root puree and salsa verde
Smoked wild sturgeon with blood orange and olive
You get the idea, if your in Chi-Town check it out!



  1. Man, that sounds like a sweet gig. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! The food looks delish.

    - John.

  2. Yeah, its been great! Made porchetta today!