Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot Knives......and scrapers in Ottawa

Paging Dr. Octagon!

This time is a good time of year to maintain and repair equipment so its running efficient and optimal. Kitchen stoves/ranges must be regularly degrease or if you can afford it, pressure steamed to prevent possible fire hazards and maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the workplace. Hoods, fridges, storage areas must be completely gutting and thoroughly cleaned regularly for the same reasons. This is the time of year we reflect on how we can make the kitchen run more efficient, organized and professional. We thrive to make the upcoming year a little better than those that have past and constantly learn from our mistakes. It also involves plenty of coffee and tea.

A thing of beauty and 2 years off my life from the fumes that made for a exciting evening! lol


  1. So how can your kitchen run more efficiently this year? Whats your game plan for making this year better than the last and what mistakes were made in the past and how will you learn and apply that learning to the kitchen?

  2. Chris.....(said like don Corleone)
    The kitchen runs more efficient by investing in new equipment, and by working and updating the current stuff. This year will be better than last by applying new cooking techniques and procedures in the kitchen. Mistakes are always going to happen, you just have learn from them in a good way. Morderate your drinking and allow time for detail.