Friday, June 25, 2010

Trophy Fish And Smoke House Fun

Here's some shots of some the the Pikes and Lakers the Clients have been pulling out of the various lakes and rivers around the lodge. Top 2 picks are 100+cm pike and the bottom shot is a 97cm lake trout! Things are heating up around here!

As well as fishing we are also eating. I've been having fun with my smokehouse. It seems that anything you put in there, tastes like magic when it comes out! The alder and willow have a nice flavor that works well with fatty fish, pork and duck. Ive put together a small film (like 25sec) to show you my smoke house for yourself. Let me know what you think. The pork t-bones are brined with foraged juniper berries and and green coriander. Cold smoked for 5 hours then cooked on a wood fired grill. The duck gets a similar treatment but no brine, just a quick salting (four hours) to draw out access moisture. I like the duck cooked sous-vide to 128f, cooled then I cook it on the skin for 12-15 minutes getting it right crispy! Oh my man. I know I know!

Alder smoked duck breast @128f with very crispy skin, spinach, parnips and smoke cherries


  1. I'm really into that video. Nicely done. More please!