Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yukon Porcini Season!

Pictured above: a handsome boletus edulis! (click me!)

In the Yukon if we get funky weather like we have been getting this summer. Hot, cold, dry, wet combinations we can get a early fruiting of Boletus Edulis. Typically they start towards the end of July and fade out by the second week of august. Then re appear for 2 more weeks in September. This year looks like we get about a week and a half of extra picking! Wild strawberries are ripe, currents are still green and wild onions are as tough as wood now. Time to pick shrooms!!!!
I went out on a scouting mission today in a pretty much straight white spruce forest and out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge flag (mushroom cap). Sure it was Edulis, I tapped in on the cap.. Hard as a rock. I got butterflies. I crouched down, scanned the area and I could see little troops all around. %$#MUSH RUSH&^% Needless to say, what a start to the season. I was happy eating various species of Leccinums until I saw the king! It could be a good year.

Im heading up to Dawson City for Music festival weekend. I will be checking in on the kitchen crew at Klondike Kates restaurant to taste there latest creations. Mabe even plan a low brush cranberry picking trip in sept with my good buddy Brice. Not to forget my ole stomping ground for the Edulis. I sense a bbq, laughter and some great company in the near future!

Just emerging from the ground, a young leccinum insigne

A handsome and delicious Leccinum

I'm eating LOTS of boletus edulis tonight :p

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