Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dump Cooker Comes Through Again!!!

Had the house to myself this evening, so I thought I would indulge in a little smoked pork. I don't normally get that excited about loins, but in this case, the pig was young and insanely tender. The whole loin was only 2.5 pounds! When you cook a whole loin, wrapped in the fat back like this you cant really go wrong. Especially if you got a epic scavenged dump cooker like the one I found!!! ;)

I started off with a cure of equal parts sea salt and brown sugar. Then I added some mustard seeds, bay leaf, allspice, coriander and black pepper. I gave the loin a nice rub down, and left it to cure for 2 days. Then rinsed it thoroughly, and left it to dry uncovered overnight in the fridge.

Fired up tha ole dump cooker, and got the fat back browned up nicely all over.
The smoker has not seen much pork lately, so I think it got a little excited when it finally got a taste!!! EASY THERE TIGER!!! GRRRR
Slid the loin in the front, moved the fire to the back, and lowered the temperature to 275-290f. Also threw in a handful of speckled alder for flavour. Let it smoke for 3 hours, till I hit a internal temperature of 135f. Removed it from the heat and foiled it for a half hour.
I started getting excited at this point of the operation. It came out perfectly medium.
I had braised some beans with cranberry ketchup, grilled some savoy cabbage and tossed it with cider vinager and wild sage to eat with it.

Topped with a little cauliflower relish. And enjoyed a sixer of pilsner.. Good times! Also, a new article ive done in "Whats up Yukon" Here------------------------------------------------------------------>

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