Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bison, Truffles and Morel Mushroom Pakoras

Had a chance to have some more bison tenderloin. Also still had some black truffle butter, so I decided they should get to know each other a little better. This was a good decision. I love low temp cooking. Gives you the freedom to do what ever in the kitchen, and not have to worry about perfecting the meat. The meat of course comes out perfect every time. This technique works especially well for game meat or anything that is really lean and partial to over cooking. Lined some fresh black truffle butter along the top of the bison tenderloin and vacuumed packed it.
Cooked it at 132f for 4 hours in my ghetto love water oven :) Prepared the morel mushroom pakoras and sweet potatoes at this point.

Seasoned it with salt and pepper and seared it off in pork fat.

Picked some fresh mint from my window and pulled out some mustard apple chutney for the pakoras. Sliced some more truffle butter for the bison.

Dessert was a random, but delicious. Made some molasses thumbprint cookies. Filled them with birch syrup and topped with dark chocolate, cranberries and almonds



  1. This looks absolutely delicious!

  2. taibhsearachd, this was amazing!! Wish I had more to share! lol

  3. damn! wish i could get a hit of that black truffle butter!!!! looks yummy mick!

  4. The butter is definitely a treat to have. Don't know when the next time ill find myself with too many truffles to eat at one time again.

  5. Looks and sounds fantastic. I love bison. It's on my menus frequently. Bison steamship for easter brunch this year, the only thing to look forward to this brunch season.

  6. Dirty, cheers! Re:steamship for Easter = epic! Im digging out some of the last porcini from last fall for a risotto. I also have a lobe of foie gras im not sure what I'm gona do with? Maybe just eat it? lol Where you cooking, canada? I agree, bison is great. This tenderloin, granny could of ate with no teeth! haha