Sunday, February 21, 2010


Its February. Its winter....But not. Its a waiting period. Not enough snow to do anything. No rain, a bit windy and CBC’s radio 1 is like voice’s is in my head.

Dub step’s Vibe Squad keeps me alive and my heartbeat in check. Family meal is becoming a religious experience and the curries seem to be getting a fair bit hotter. Harrisa is on the brain, but who wants to make harissa with long red chilli’s and bell peppers? Habanera’s are your friend; as are Thai chilli’s. I find it amusing to replace ones “cup a joe” with a “cup of fish sauce”.

The Yukon quest is over, Ottawa’s winter man marathon and winterlude are over, the Olympics are half over.

“When I close my eyes I see morel mushrooms and my brain reveals all the secret locations of last springs

–Jeffery Mickelson

From top to bottom

  • Love my weber :),
  • love the results of my weber:),
  • pancettas ready to "go to there room",
  • dry garlic sausage prep
  • foie gras and heritage pork liver terrine with brandied currents

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