Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking S@#T down to molecules

Cbc Radio one, a suckling pig and 2 hours of the morning with a nice cool breeze coming through my window.

1 Suckling pig =

2 x cider and molasses brined cold smoked hams to be.....
2 x whole picnic shoulders for the drum smoker
2 x chili, rosemary and fennel "porchetta's" (I know your supposed to use the whole pig for the porchetta but, I feel I can better utilize all the parts to get more out of my hog)
1 x coppa di testa
1x big pot of delicious pork stock

Looking forward to some gomphus clavatus "pigs ear mushroom" to have with the next hog! Cranberry mission is set in Dawson City for September with Brice the Rappie Pie Guru! Ive promised to bring some of Grand Dowdell's amazing beets that I will pickle for the pie. There's some talk around the lodge of getting some Dall sheep this fall as well. Sounds good to me! Salmon are running in full swing now and my currents are starting to ripe 'n up. What great treasures will august have in store?

Still a mushroom marathon in the Yukon. We are still a couple weeks from the actual season!

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