Monday, July 26, 2010

Suckling pig in the ugly drum

Here's some shots of my new drum in action for the first official "cook" Suckling pig hams. Legs were brined in apple juice wine and spices/salt for 3 days. Smoked for 5 in a half hours at 230 for a final internal temp of 169f. I used three kinds of willow as well as alder for smoke. One of the best if not the best "little ham" ever!

The porchetta's were cooked sous-vide for 6 hours at 138f, then charred on the que. I would definitely do that again. The picnic was slow roasted over white beans garlic and plenty of onions and rosemary. Eventually they were married together. I made a huge panzanilla salad to go with everthing.

The head was made into coppa di testa. Marinated in garlic, smoked paprika, chipotle, fennel seeds, rosemary, parsley, salt and sugar. Cooked sous-vide at 180f for 8 hours, pulled it apart, added some fresh lemon zest, fried shallots and parsley. Trotters on steroids! So good, I had it at 8am with some fried eggs. My dishwasher was freaking out a bit! lol

Pictured above- Coppa di testa


  1. Thx!
    I actually had people fighting over the last bits! lol little did they know that I tucked some aside for the kitchen and serving staff. hehe