Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The restaurant came to my home last night!

Had dinner in last night, as our dinning options here are quite limited. We also wanted to avoid all the Valentines hype. Its fun planning and cooking a menu in your own home for a special occasion. If you do most of the work ahead, you don't have to spend the night cooking either. The longest thing I had to cook, was the Porcini risotto, which took 20minutes. Just enough time for short wine break. I copied the menu I cooked for your viewing pleasure!! lol

Cold Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

One of my favorite combinations. Savory smoked salmon, bitter olive oil, sweet blood orange and mint

Spicy and smokey paprika, pacific white shrimp, creamy kobocha squash, Berkshire bacon and a touch of agave nectar

Definitely my favorite risotto in the world to eat. Ive found a way to perfectly preserve porcini and other boletes with out changing there texture or flavor. Proof is in this risotto. The mushrooms were picked in Haines Junction last July!!

Very simple but delicious surf and turf. Cornmeal fried oyster, sous vide organic beef strip loin, roasted fennel and celery seed remoulade. Yes I'm eating poyboys for lunch tomorrow! ;)

Last was a bread pudding made with a rye sourdough, I made earlier in the week. We eat dates almost everyday in my house, so to throw some in was a given. Bourbon custard, pecans, chocolate and buttermilk caramel. Soo good! I love buttermilk!