Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Few Of My Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite books to read for inspiration and ideas. In no particular order. Although, I don't generally use recipes, I still base alot of my creative drive from recipes old and new.

From top to bottom

  • The River Cottage Meat Book 2004, Hugh Fearnley Whittinstall {Long time mentor of mine, Hugh explains the fundamentals of meat cookery, along with some great recipes}

  • Au Pied De Cochon 2008, Martin Picard {Picard sets the bar in Canada for festive heritage cuisine. Specializing in pork and foie gras. Just buy it!}

  • Casa Moro 2004, Sam&Sam Clark { An amazing collection of Spanish food recipes. Very inspiring.}

  • Wild Fermentation 2003, Sandor Ellix Kats {Plow threw the boring story telling of the life of the author, and dig into the tome of amazing recipes for everything fermented. I love this book!}

  • The Whole Beast: Nose to tail eating 2004, Fergus Henderson {This book I have read so much, and cooked almost everything in it from front to back}

  • Innards And Other Varity Meats 1975, Allen/Gin { A wealth of knowledge and wisdom regarding everything guts related!! LOVE IT!!!}

  • Varity Meats 1982, The editors of time life magazine {This is a book of techniques and recipes for offal. Very informative and incomparable. Highly recommended if you you cook the whole beast.}

  • Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery 1967, Jane Grigson {A book of everything pork, from sausages, brawn to meatballs. Read front to back many times}

  • The Early Canadian Gult Cookbook 1898, The ladies of Gault {A great book of family recipes that Canadians have been using for more than 100 years. Great preserving ideas and baking recipes}

  • Notes From A Country Kitchen 1979, Jocasta Innes { How to brine, brew, salt, smoke, pot, press, pickle and preserve- all in your own kitchen. A true roots cooking book. Great illustrations and artwork. Still one of the best gingerbread cakes Ive ever made comes from this book}

  • America Cooks, Favorite Recipes from the 48 states 1948, The Browns {This is one amazing book that truly has it all, from deep southern cooking to making smithfield hams. There is 19 recipes for chowder alone!!! This book truly rocks my world!}

  • Charcuterie 2005, Ruhlman/poleyn {A great book to get you going into the art of meat preservation. Very clear recipes that work. The breakfast sausage rules!!}

Above: table of contents from "Innards and other varity meats" Love it!!


  1. I do not have a single one of those but will definately look for them.
    Thank you Jeffery! :)

  2. Cowgirl!! :o I think you would benifit from having a copy of America Cooks, Notes From The Country Kitchen and Charcuterie from the stuff I see you doing. BTW Jealous of the new rig your working!!! ;)

  3. Thanks for the tip on the books Jeffery, I'll check for those first. :)
    If you lived closer I'd let you try the new rig.. I'm having fun with it so far. :)