Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleepy Days

Been pretty lazy the last couple weeks. Doing more baking than anything. Eating sourdough, basically twice a day. Think I have my loaf dialed in! Got some salami on the go and just finished some really good dry cured bacon chops. Published a few more articles in the ole paper. Some good recipes worth checking out for sure. I added the links below, let me know what you think. :)

Happy sourdough starter, well maybe a little sad, but still happy enough to work with me!

The secret sourdough recipe in action. Plenty of flax, wheat germ and whole grains involved here!
There she blows, in all of her splendor. Hail ye, to the sourdough gods of the Yukon....Jeez long winter may be setting in! lol


  1. The bread looks great! I found this book on sourdoughs awhile back at a salvation army - it's called Breads and Coffee Cakes with Homemade Starters by Ada Lou Roberts (1967). It has the most interesting ways of creating starters that I have ever seen, its amazing - old fashioned for sure. Like for instance there is a recipe for Buttermilk Dry Yeast - you make this starter then dry it, cut it and store it to use in replace of dry yeast in other breads. And starters that use Peach Leaves?! if you can find the book I think you would really enjoy it.

  2. Sweet, ill check that out for sure. I got mine going with just flour and water. The cool thing about sourdough is that you can create a dough that is unique to where you live, that no matter how hard anyone tries they can not replicate. Same goes for naturally fermenting your beverages. Buttermilk dry yeast sounds like it would be great to have in a pinch when you need to have bread right away. My sourdough takes 24 hours sometimes less, sometimes more.